The Galaxy and San Diego

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Intermission. We have fled to the bus to find some cooler air as the stage is very, very hot… “UnderWorld” had some nice melody trading between Jon’s saz and my guitar. “Snakecharmer” featured a great percussion solo from Dave. I am enjoying playing the Blanca guitar tonight.

After the show Stevo explores “Corrosion Intercept”, a new flamenco death metal piece – it could be the next big thing – and our agent says that tonight’s version of “Barcelona Nights” was his favorite ever…

We wake up in San Diego. Dave and I leave for a TV morning show at eight. We play a whole bunch of bumpers and then a couple of songs. Afterwards back to Humphrey’s and a radio interview.

Lost my sunglasses in Santa Ana yesterday. Left them on an outdoor table and by the time I looked for them they had apparently found a new home.


  1. Victor

    Hope you get some new shades to keep those eys in good shape. Looking forward to hearing you all on the West Coast.

  2. michael

    I found this on
    KUSI website but I can’t get it to work for me. I did see a quick flash of the cover of One Guitar. I’ll try again Monday.

  3. Panj

    Although I was unable to attend your concert in Paradise, we were able to see and hear you on KUSI. A nice talk and of course wonderful Music! It was very strange to see you playing in shoes tho…LO… and I hope that wasn’t a bandage peeking out from under your trouser cuff! Thanks for coming to California so much, we are very very very Blessed! God Speed Ottmar and Luna Negra!

  4. Diran

    Thanks ,Michael for KUSI website.

  5. Adam Solomon

    “The Future is in the Past”

    Nice link, Steve!

  6. walter haettig

    Hi Ottmar! Wie geht’s?? My wife has been crazy about your music for years. We enjoyed your show tremendously. 2 ladies from our table thought we were your parents!!! just because I supposedly look like you, 100% your profile!!. Well, I am German and my wife is Eurasian. We all went right after the concert to look for you and hoped to get the Cd’s autographed by you but Steve could not find you. She wanted so much to get a picture taken with you, after all we “are your parents”!!!! LOL!!!
    we are amazed to hear your non accented English. My wife had said I sounded like Ah-Nuld!!!
    Please let us know when you will come to town again. Tschuess!!!

  7. marc

    Michael-thanks for the link. Good stuff!


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