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During the intermission Dave reported that his hi-hat received a direct hit from a seagull. Jon’s pedalboard was also hit. As a precaution I took my guitar with me during intermission. But, while I was playing Jon’s song “Northbound” I had incoming on my leg. Although I wiped it off after the song, the damage had been done…

How was the music, you ask. Very good.


  1. stephen duros

    Fortunately the seagull didn’t get me. However, I did have that fly buzz into my head a bunch of times during Santa Fe… Great show tonight!

  2. dave


  3. Carol

    ahhhh, so close to nature….no wonder your music was good.

  4. keith

    The Humphrey’s performance last night was fantastic! The rhythm among all of you was palpable, and we were thoroughly impressed with the artistry. It appears that all of you were having a truly “fun” time, though I believe the audience was enjoying the show eve more! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

  5. Adam Solomon

    haha! A shame, but at least the guitar’s OK. Interesting that Stevo got missed…maybe he had it all planned out? Steve Duros, king of the seagulls!

  6. stephen duros

    Actually Adam, my guitar case was hit. Didn’t notice it till last night when I got in. A nice little going away present for me.

  7. Kellie Patzer

    i also attended your show at humphrey’s. i must admit that despite my long following… this is the first time seeing you live. even more impressive. it was a wonderful escape from a crazy 2 weeks for me. took the time to carefully watch each of you, your talents, and your uniqueness.

    beautiful offering. sorry the birds didn’t feel that way…


  8. marc

    raining bird dump. make a note to pack the umbrella next time. :-)


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