Keith did snort his dad after all

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Keith did snort his dad after all | News | Guardian Unlimited Music
Keith has explained that the matter may have become confused because, while he ingested his dad, he didn’t mix him with cocaine, as some people reported.

“The cocaine bit was rubbish. I said I chopped him up like cocaine, not with”, said Keith before confirming in an interview on that the rest of it was 100% straight up legit. I pulled the lid off (my father’s urn) and out comes a bit of dad on the dining room table. I’m going, ‘I can’t use the brush and dustpan for this’. What I found out is that ingesting your ancestors is a very respectable way of … y’know, he went down a treat.”


  1. dave

    Coke or no coke, that is still pretty messed up.

  2. ottmar

    I guess you did not enjoy Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” Dave?

  3. laurie

    if you only knew what was going up your nose every day…
    and, it doesn’t sound like it was the entire urn!


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