Japanese Rock Garden Game

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Zen Puzzle Garden: The Japanese Rock Garden Game
I came across this while looking for photos of Ryoanji, which I found here. I took a photo at Ryoanji in March or April of 1978 – you can see it on the “Hours between Night + Day” CD. Anyway, the game is fun to play (I downloaded the free demo) and available for Mac and Windows.


  1. Victor

    That was fun, I liked it took more than a few times to get all the squares. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. dave

    Not as simple as it looks.

  3. Matt Callahan

    I enjoy finishing all but one line and letting him disappear.

  4. laurie

    my 8 yr old daughter enjoys this game (it is one i actually am happy for her to play)… she has played it for awhile and is quite good at it… we played it together today and she wouldn’t take my suggestions yet she did just fine… and she taught me a few things too… fun!


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