How do you carry your phone?

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Phone Strap?: This is the Worst Thing I’ve Seen in my Life – Gizmodo
Worst thing? I think it’s funny. Wonder whether he lets it ring or vibrate?


  1. Diran

    It’s disgusting..

  2. Carol


  3. Curt

    I get a little “freaked out” when I see this stuff too! Self-mutilation, which is common in some cultures, isn’t practiced all that much in ours and so we tend to find it a little horrifying.

    And yet I can’t stop looking at it…


  4. Diran

    I RESPECT people’s choice but ,it doesn’t look good to me. Thats all..

  5. Panj

    Probably heralds back to his incarnation in a native mode, back to a tribal custom of some kind…must admit, it made my nose wrinkle too, it looks painful at worst and heavy at least…at least it leaves his hands free…lol

  6. Vic2rh

    Interesting tribal custom. You have to start out young so that you can carry a BlackBerry by the time you become a tribe elder.

  7. Anna

    From my understanding it’s a custom in some of the Amazon Indigenous Tribes.

    I wonder what this guy will do when he gets a new handset? :-)

  8. michael

    Who needs Bluetooth? Wonder what he carries in the other lobe, a banana?


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