Biodegrable Guitar Picks

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WheatwareMusicâ„¢ | Biodegrable, Biocompostable, Eco Friendly Products
WheatwareMusicâ„¢: Live Earth musicians receive Wheatwareâ„¢ Compostable Drumsticks & Guitar Picks at New York; London; Johannesburg; Shanghai and Tokyo, simultaneous Live Earth Concerts.
Wheatwareâ„¢ guitar picks won “Best in Show” in the accessory category at the NAMM Show in Austin, Texas on July 29th!

Thanks Y.


  1. dave


  2. Will

    Saw they had some golf tees and they are cheaper than what I can get at the pro shop. Thanks for the link.

  3. ottmar

    Don’t you LOVE a win-win situation!!!

  4. Rik

    I’m feeling the slightest bit of sarcasm in this last comment. ?

  5. Rik

    Do biodegradable golf tees really make an impact when taking into account the criticism that the sport of golf itself is not very environmentally friendly? (pesticides, fertilizers, alteration of the landscape, etc.) I thought maybe Ottmar was being sarcastic with,
    “Don’t you LOVE a win-win situation!!! ”
    But understand, I too enjoy golf, so this is not a personal criticism.


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