Thursday Morning

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The two solo performances on Tuesday and last night were a lot of fun. The Center for Integral Living at the Standard Hotel created a lovely space to play guitar in and the audience was very wonderful. The ring-finger of my right hand healed just in time. On Tuesday I felt pain every time I tapped the top of the guitar – which is often – but nothing I could not handle. By last night the pain was pretty much gone. Got to go, Genpo Roshi starts teaching again in 15 minutes…


  1. Victor

    Looks like a beautiful place to hear music and wisdom.

  2. laurie

    happy to hear you have a healed finger… i wondered how you were doing

    lovely photo (i agree with you, victor)- i loved swimming when I lived down there so many years ago…
    now it’s hard to get into the water here in Maine except a short time in August.

    glad to know it went well for you this week

  3. Diran

    I’m glad that finger healed on time,pool looks peaceful.(It made say that,I wish I was there.)It should be fun and full of wisdom to be there.

  4. Will

    Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda…..But I did get a new macbook this week.

  5. ottmar

    Yes, finger healed just in time. Some pain the first evening, and nothing the second evening. Some of my best playing, too. Really enjoyed it.

  6. ottmar

    Anna: EMI owns Virgin, Virgin owns Narada and Higher Octave and most of these artists appear to be from Higher Octave or Narada.

  7. Will


    So far I have been very happy with the macbook. It does take some getting used to after being on a windows based machine. The thing I really like about it is it’s simplicity. Everything is where you would expect it (or at least I expect it) to be. The dock at the bottom is a nice feature and the OS runs smoothly when I run dreamweaver, photoshop or any other heavy program. I pretty much have the basics down now I need to learn shortcuts and figure out how to see a thumbnail of a picture instead of the file name. Overall it has been a nice change I definitly recommend one.

  8. Anna

    Ottmar,thank you !!

    When I came across this CD I thought that it was an unathorised release


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