I won!

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I won a signed Thira CD tonight!


  1. dave

    I’m kinda wondering about the Roger Moore/underwear/slipper thing. Would you use the slippers to slap him to the ground & then have your coffee while he whimpers?

  2. Diran

    Enjoy the CD,I did’t know where 007 came from.Thanks for the tips.

  3. ottmar

    Dave: that would be one way… or maybe he’ll train his gun on me with that smug look, but I throw a slipper at him. Roger drops the gun in order to catch the slipper and as I pick up the gun from the floor I’ll remark about his spare tire…

    Diran: yes, it was nice to get to hear Stevo’s CD at last!

  4. Brent

    Your comments about Roger Moore are unforgivable – I no longer enjoy your music!

  5. dave

    Hmmm…007 Friday Night Smack Down.

  6. Anna

    Ottmar, congratulations on winning Stevo’s CD. I hope that when you are in Australia next time, he will autograph mine as well.

  7. Diran

    Relax Brent,it just a movie wait for the end you’ii like it.

  8. Brent

    Yeah, I was only kidding. Roger Moore alway elicits such a negative response from 007 fans, I thought it’d be funny to give him equally passionate support! He is actually my favorite James Bond, though.

  9. Carol

    Nobody beats Sean Connery. He was the first and he still is the best. He’s one guy who only grows sexier as he grows older. Roger Moore has the cockinness but not the charisma of any of the others

  10. ottmar

    Brent: I knew you were kidding, which is why I didn’t take the bait
    Carol: Have you seen the new James Bond? I am not saying that you will change your mind after seeing the movie, but your first sentence is not a fair statement if you haven’t. That’s like saying you think Hershey’s is the best chocolate in the world without ever trying Vosges.

  11. Diran

    Hi Ottmar,it seems like I did take the bait,comment that I made about Brent’s first comment. I respect everyones view.Only I was cheering him up.Is there any book you recommend about to get along each other?
    to love each other even though we have differences. Thank you.


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