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designverb – Sao Paulo: City Without Ads
What happens when a mayor decides to ban advertisements in a vibrant city of 11 million people with more than 8,000 billboards? Impossible, insane, absurd, or just plain genius? Well this is what happened this past January when mayor Gilberto Kassabs “Clean City” law was introduced in Sao Paulo Brazil banning any form of advertising throughout the city to rid of “visual clutter”.
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  1. Salma

    It seems like a great step towards cleaning the world of excessive junk. This action will save the people from distractions and visual corruption and also will save energy.

  2. Carol

    If a person knows where to find what he’s looking for and where not to I think it would work everywhere. Stop somewhere and check the place on the net. It has it all, and if no one put up billboards they wouldn’t be missed.. This world moves too fast and cars certainly do for you to be looking at junk instead of the place they may be advertising.
    It’s time has come and gone.

  3. Regina

    When I moved to Santa Barbara, CA from the Bay Area 10+ years ago, I was impressed to discover that SB has a ban on billboard displays. It’s exciting to think a grand city such as Sao Paolo is now thinking of eliminating the clutter as well.


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