Monday in Seattle

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We arrived in the morning and the hotel wasn’t ready. I decided to stay on the bus and change strings on the 2002 DeVoe Negra, which had been in use since before rehearsals in Santa Fe at the beginning of June. To my dismay I discovered a 4 inch crack in the back. Shining a strong flashlight on the crack from the outside and staring at the crack from the soundhole revealed that it was indeed a very small crack in the rosewood and not just a crack in the finish. I emailed my man Keith and set up a time to drop the guitar off after the tour. Battle scars. Could be due to handling-error or could be due to humidity change. Maybe I should not keep the guitar on stage after soundcheck. I do that so the guitar can get used to the temperature and humidity on stage, which is often quite different from the conditions in the dressing room, but somebody could easily bump against the guitar while it is up there. Maybe Keith can tell from the crack whether it was humidiy induced or blunt-force trauma… In any case I am not going to worry much about it. The crack is very fine and the guitar’s sound has not changed.
In the afternoon I walked about 3 miles to a store to buy a book about Dali which Lawrence Russel had recommended. I found Jackson Street Books to be a great little bookstore, a real bookstore with books spilling out of the shelves and onto the floor because there isnt enough space for them all… Couldn’t find the Dali book, but bought a nice hardcover of Benvenuto Cellini’s autobiography, considered to be the first autobiography. Cellini was a contemporary of Michelangelo and quite the rascal.


  1. Carol

    Thank you for the reminder. I had the Cellini autobiography written somewhere so I wouldn’t forget to order it. Of course I forgot…

  2. Will

    Small used bookstores rock!! It is too bad the mega corporations have taken over these small niches. In my “perfect” world I live in a town with a quaint restaurant, small dusty old book store, used CD shop, barber shop, a nice clothing outfitter and a general store. No Borders, Home Depot, Great Clips, Best Buy, or T.G.I. Fridays. It is not that I have anything against these places, I just enjoy the friendly and cozy atmosphere of my “perfect” world. Of course this may never happen so I will have to travel all over town to enjoy the things I like. Too bad mom and pop got pushed out of town.

  3. Adam Solomon

    What a relief!! Glad the guitar still sounds nice as always :)


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