Saturday at Mountain Winery

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Since the microphones are packed away and not easily accessible I used the n95 to record a couple of radio promos on Thursday. The phone’s voice recorder records only at 8 bit resolution, but the video records sound in mono at 48k/16 bit. I guess you could say I phoned in my performance. :)

Today we are the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Here is a birds eye view and a few photos I took. Always impressive to experience the bus and trailer drive up the hill!


  1. Carol

    You’ve come a long way from the old Polaroid camera. It grows more incredible every day, and you are right there to use the latest in gadgetry. It’s so much fun to experience it vicariously with you.

  2. mario

    What a cool venue. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Matt Callahan

    A boy and his phone. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Have you installed the photo upgrade? The newer pictures look even better.

  4. Robert Gonzalez

    Man, that was an awesome performance. I cannot wait for you to come back to the bay area. I told my wife that I will never miss a bay area Ottmar Liebert performance ever again.

    You and your team did an excellent job last night. The music was awesome, the way you all worked together was awesome, Stephen and Jon were awesome. It really could not have been a better night (unless you did two more encores :D ). I fell in love with our music all over again.

    And my wife and I had an excellent date to go with it. Thanks for the great show. You all were awesome.


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