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Lefsetz Letter » Blog Archive » The Kelly Clarkson Debacle
First the radio stations showed no loyalty, then the labels gave up on loyalty too. I mean if you’re an act, NEVER FORGET that radio is a bigger friend to the label than you are. You’re gonna come and go, but the station, the station REMAINS! And frequently, the same PLAYERS, albeit at different outlets. So, if you want to play the fame game, go for it. But know there are sharks in the water and you’re going to get bit.

Interesting comments on the nature of the music biz. Click on the link and read the whole piece.


  1. Eno

    interesting piece. WE have built our culture into an addiction mentality. ironicly those that work hard and strive for discipline in their lives are looked at as a higher risk than those willing to give up the ass on the first date. it seems like everyone is a one hit wonder now-a-days =(

  2. Will

    “1. That the music business has been f#*@ed since the early nineties, when it became about the track, not the act”

    I think I said this a little while ago.

    “But how can we blame 25 year old Kelly Clarkson. It was NEVER good in her era. She didn’t live through AOR, never mind free form rock. When she came of age, it was MTV, all hype, all the time. Throw it down and become a star. I mean how much sympathy can we have. She went on a TV show to BEGIN WITH! And that’s the MTV paradigm. We can rocket you into space, but the quickness with which you ascend? That’s just how fast you’re gonna fall back to earth”

    And I think I alluded to this as well.

    “If Kelly wants people to believe in her, then she has to become three-dimensional”

    And maybe this.

    Overall the writer hits the nail on the head. One dimensional, one track, over night superstars controlled by record companies is what music is about right now. Of course I won’t generalize and say all music is this way, but a big proportion is. Sometimes you need to go back to the roots, the thing that made music grounded, to find out where to go next. We sure as hell are off track now.


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