Wednesday in Tucson

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Photo of soundcheck by Matt Callahan.

After dropping me off at the TV station in Phoenix at 7:30AM our tourbus continued to Tucson. I was supposed to hop a plane after the interview but was able to drive with MC, which was a thousand times better than the plane-ride. We got lost in Tucson because he trusted a Google map more than his memory, but after I figured out how to use it we were able to utilize the n95’s built-in GPS navigation to lead us to the Rialto.

We enjoyed our performance in Tucson very much. There is a special vibe to the first performance of a tour. One is worried about remembering all of the arrangements for example. On the other hand the new arrangements are very fresh and often so is the music. We all made little mistakes, but no major train-wreck resulted and the evening’s music was quite beautiful. The audience made us feel welcome and at ease right away and was a pleasure to play for. Our engineer thought it was the best first show of any tour we have done.


  1. Judy

    Saw your show in Tucson on Weds. We’ve enjoyed your music for years and usually always have at least one Ottmar CD in the player. I have had the experience of going to other live shows and leaving with the thought that it would have been better to have saved the money and listened to the CD at home. Not true in this case. It was an uplifting, heart touching performance. Thank you for a show my whole family (husband, 2 teen sons)could enjoy together.

  2. Diran

    You look like fresh, relaxed and ready to go for long trip..

  3. Gudrun

    Matt, thank you for the pics as well.

    Ottmar, I hope I will see any video from your summer-tour at least at youtube. I would be happy :)

    Ich wünsche Euch Allen eine tolle Zeit!

  4. Diran

    I had a same wish as Gurdun.Looking forward to see some videos on youtube.

  5. Anna

    Ottmar, I felt a very special vibe, amazing energy when I saw you in Sydney last year.

    I am happy to hear that N95 GPS works well. :-)

    I would like to see photos and if it’s at all possible a video on this site or on you tube.

  6. Mixalis

    Nice picture Ottmar!

    Perhaps this picture can be used as a future cover.

    Continued success with the tour. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you at the Ridgefield Playhouse at the end of August.

  7. Jane

    To Ottmar and the Guys,
    I was there Wed. night in Tucson and you ALL were awesome. I had invited 3 friends who had never seen you before (I saw you a few years back in Tucson) and they were blown away. I have been a fan for over 12 years and just am amazed every time I hear you live. Hope I do not have to wait another year to hear you! Blessings on the tour ahead. Thank you for coming to Tucson!!

  8. Tristan

    I was only introduced to your music a few months ago, but I instantly fell in love with it… I only found out about you’re concert 5 days before it happened and decided quickly to go (though I was one of the youngest there… 20 haha). I was definitely not dissappointed! All of you were fantastic!

    Thanks so much and keep up the good work! I especially liked it when you broke out the electric guitar… that was some amazingly ambient and cool stuff! Kudos again!


  9. laurie

    how good that must feel to start a tour with that sort of thing – may it continue for you.

    i am enjoying the comments of those to have already seen you and just realized I will have to endure reading them for weeks until you guys land in Boston in august. oh the torture (sigh and smile)… and, I can’t decide between the show at 8 or 10… or, uh, both? or is that too extreme? (I will be in town anyway so why not?…hmmmmmm… do I take the chance for a full night of your music or give up the seat for someone else to have the experience?) I’ll roll that one around for bit i guess…

  10. Luz

    @Laurie: go to BOTH! Last year a group of Fanmencos travelled from places such as Houston, Arizona, & Colorado and one all the way across an ocean from Europe to see Ottmar perform two shows in Seattle. Neither were a dissapointment! I wish I could get to a show this summer but will have to wait till fall. ;-(


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