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Two Interviews with Tucson Newspapers.

‘One Guitar’ | www.azstarnet.com ®
2007 marks Ottmar Liebert’s 21st year living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That is 20 years and 11 months longer than he ever expected to stay.


Liebert will have his band, Luna Negra, with him when he takes the stage at the Rialto Wednesday night.

That’s true.

Guitarist’s improvisational tour starts on Tucson stage | www.tucsoncitizen.com ®
One guitar, one man. Soon, the Rialto Theatre will be filled with flamenco-melodic chords and occasional “finger noises.” Ottmar Liebert’s tour, based on the mostly improvised CD “One Guitar,” kicks off Wednesday in Tucson.

Not true.

My latest CD is One Guitar, which will arrive in stores in July thanks to Burnside Distribution. This upcoming Summer tour has close to nothing to do with that CD. I will play one of the pieces from the One Guitar album and for the rest of the evening I will perform with the quartet. We will do material from our 15 year catalog as well as some new and unreleased pieces which will be on my next band-album (whenever that’ll be finished…).


  1. Diran

    Hi Ottmar,I hope next band-album comes with DVD??

  2. Adam Solomon

    I do not think you need me to tell you this but, well, I’m tremendously exciting for the NY shows (one or both). The quartet seems great and I’m thrilled to hear band material again. Best of luck on the tour!

    PS I hope ¨Up Close¨ isn’t becoming a new ¨Chinese Democracy¨? hehe


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