Artists and labels seek royalties from radio

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Artists and labels seek royalties from radio – Los Angeles Times
With CD sales tumbling, record companies and musicians are looking at a new potential pot of money: royalties from broadcast radio stations.

The L.A. Times has an interesting article on the RIAA seeking royalties from broadcast radio. Well, if they make internet radio pay – so should broadcast radio. Both should be treated equally. Either neither pays or both pay. Simple.


  1. Mark

    I want to know about burn lounge. I hear it pays more to the artist than itunes yet I can profit from it if I open a store on there. I see Luna Negra made it on there.

  2. ottmar

    Don’t know much about BurnLounge. If there is a store called Luna Negra on BurnLounge it is NOT ours.

  3. Will

    If Bands such as Widespread Panic allow recording at their concerts, free downloads of their concerts, allow their music to be broadcast over the internet how do they remain in business when everybody else is crying over money and royalties?

    Answer: They make music their fans like, get out and tour to get close to the fans, and have a passion for what they are doing. Just throwing some more fuel on the fire maybe mainstream music could take a few hints from Widespread and other bands.

  4. ottmar

    Will – they may allow recording at their concerts and free downloads of those recordings, but BMI will collect their share of writing/publishing royalties from Internet Radio and other sources. I don’t think you can ask to be excepted.

    As I wrote, it’s a no-brainer: either both broadcast and internet radio pay royalties or neither.

  5. Will

    I agree it should be a fair fee deal. My previous comment was directed more to artists rather than record companies. Here is a cool article in which John Bell (Widespread Panic) talks about some of this.

    “That worked real well.

    It’s kind of a good thing, because record companies were still working in old formulas, and arguably–not in every case, but in a lot of cases–artists and fans, you could be taken advantage of on both ends. And, all of a sudden, new technology comes through where you’ve got to re-adjust, and that gave some of the freedom of movement back to the artists and the fans. It’s interesting to watch.

    But, to answer your [original] question, we’re more fascinated by the whole thing than to want to be [complaining] about missing some royalties, which is the case. But we’re in the middle of a phenomenon, and we’re doing well enough in our world that nobody’s going to feel sorry for us [laughs] if we do get all cry-baby about it.”

  6. ottmar

    Will – to put it in perspective: Widespread Panic is jam-band. A jam-band’s product is the jam or live-performance. That is very different from a group that creates specific songs and whose main product is the album (CD or download). Simply put, a jam-band puts out recordings to advertise their live-shows. The other bands tour to advertise their album.

  7. Will

    Touche, very true. It may be my bias in that I like live music and I like bands to connect with their fans and audience. In your example one makes music for the concerts and one tours to advertise the album. Maybe in my subconscious somewhere I wanted to believe that musicians tour to connect with the people that love and buy their music.

    I certainly always want to be ignorant to the fact that some musicians produce an album purely to make money and not for the love, passion, creativity and the art.

    Where do you see the music industry in the future? And if it is bleak how do we change it?


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