Dean Hudson, Acoustic Navigator.

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Listen. Listening Guide. Dean Hudson, Acoustic Navigator.
Great piece on navigating from audio clues. I was talking to a friend about this in London last month. Having grown up in a city I am used to listening for clues in a way that somebody growing up in the country might not. I always pick up sounds coming from behind me and try to determine whether they are connected to me, i.e. following me, or whether they are unrelated. In fact this was also very useful when I was a bike-messenger in Boston. A glance back would only confirm what I knew already…


  1. yumiko

    Interesting to learn about the construction site and rain. The singer in the Bart station as a landmark…that had a whole different meaning.

  2. Jacqueline

    One must always tune into , all aspects, then as you know, muddle threw, to get to the truth..Your not alone in your conceptual thinking.



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