Saturday Snow Storm

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Köln was sunny and 82ºF in mid-April, and warmer than European vacation spots Ibiza and Mallorca. And this morning here in Santa Fe snow is falling – and not just a little . The wind is howling and we are having another winter storm… No wonder my body feels like crap.


  1. laurie

    sounds like a good time to tuck in and take care of yourself… as i
    understand it, transitions (change of season…change of environment…)
    are a time common for illness… as is air travel! Also, spring is a good time for supporting your liver too (after all that great beer it might be a good thing –
    ha ha) If you have a good herbalist, he/she can advise you… we are eating
    dandelions (local spring tonic) out of the garden as we weed them – great sauteed in olive oil with lots of garlic or in a mixed green salad.
    Rest well…spring snows don’t last long.

  2. Panj

    Hope your feeling better REAL soon!!!

  3. Panj

    Hope you are feeling besser REAL soon!!! On the upside…you guys got a Cinco De Mayo gift of good water! Plus a good reason to stay extra still and heal!

  4. Shawn

    Just to let you know, Koln was still beautiful a couple of days ago. The weather was lovely and people were out and about enjoying it.

    I had never been there and found it to be a really nice city. Had we been there at the same time, I would have stood you a drink…assuming that we ended up in the same place, I recognized you, and you were drinking.

  5. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, sorry you are not so up to par…i have been lame also…i am like that too…jet lag of some kinde…did not knowe could snowe in new mexico this time of year…thankes for sharinge…not sure though i believethinke the cold snowes might be a blessinge for the environmente…we are havinge unusual weather here also…i love the learninge…muchas gracias y amore amiogoeas, llindaskaye e.p. *******ps lovinge my guitar also…amore *******


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