11 Years Ago

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Ron + i played 3 songs @ a Borders store in Atlanta 2day… wonderful audience

of a couple hundred people… i found a book a the store called ‘The Third Eye’ that sheds more light on the visual society….

‘There r 3 times as many nerve connections between the ear + the brain as between the eye + the brain.’ in other words our ears r FAR MORE accurate than our eyes…

in another section of the book the author quotes a psychologist who worked w the deaf as well as w the blind as noting that the athmosphere among the deaf was much harsher w more fighting + looks that could kill whereas the blind were more concerned w each other, more helpful + assured…

elsewhere he describes research by a group of psychiatrists that showed that violence + other crime was much lower in a certain town in the Rock Mountains that had radio, but because of the surrounding mountains could not receive any TV, compared to towns of similar size and location that had TV…

now if we think about this in4mation we can figure out how the world has changed + how it has arrived @ this present day violence… y families, groups, societies r so fractured…

i propose that there might be a direct relationship between TV and the increase of violence, NOT because of content but because of the MEDIUM itself, which invites absolute passivity…

there certainly is a relationship between TV and ADD (Attention Deficiency Disorder) in children…

listening brings the world in2 us whereas seeing places us in the world… SEE + go outside/outward or LISTEN + go inside/inward…

the gr8 mystics heard voices, they didn’t read cue cards or teleprompters…


  1. Jacqueline

    Did you know to further study, of a normal child or adult, ADD , can become self inflicted , from mixing to many poisions. Its almost like being lost in a crowd. Attachments, Autonomy/Connections, like a cover story,exercising conditioning,like public complaince, and in leading back to Psychological Realism.What is the norm of Rciprocity, conforming , or breaking molds.Open or close. Someday’s it reminds me of Self -fullfilling -prophecies.Evaluation like self -efficacy-self-esteem-maintenance-and theory…Not unlike music-or the scale and pitch..Justification-or handicapp!
    It becomes so Stero-Typical, like a task Yale attitude change approach!


  2. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, i understande what you are sayinge and i am enjoyinge the learninge…”experience is a hard teacher…first the test then the lesson”…a counselor of mine had a quote like that in her office…yeah i tend to be loyal to the showes and music though i have become aware of the effects and so do try to take time to “be”…muchas gracias…i am really enjoyinge the sharinge…comfortinge somehow…amore amiogoeas, llindaskaye e.p. *******

  3. Marsha

    What is Ron doing now? I really miss him at your concerts as he’s the most talented skins musician!

  4. Ocean

    I think it must of been 11 years ago I saw Ron & You @ Borders in Santa Monica, You guys sound truely awsome together, I am so happy that you play together still. I’ve played Tabla & Flamenco Guitar for 13 years now, what a combo, wish I could play ’em both simultaniously w/o using my MacBook Pro… What are the chances of arranging the Santa Barbara SOHO show to be standing room only so we can dance without knocking over the chairs and stuffy-sit-downers with our butt shakin…..?

  5. Carol

    You’ve got rather good visual accuity it would seem, to learn so much from a book you’d just gotten that day.

  6. bonjour

    7 years ago I saw you in Reno, Nevada. You were awesome.

    I remember a obviously intoxicated woman to my right who would intermittently shout, “the girl from impanema!” – that was so funnny! You never played it but it was worth the comedique
    moments from one of your fans.


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