Trains and Film

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from LR:
What an idea: a documentary movie based on OL & Luna riding the train from Boston, stopping here and there, playing impromptu gigs at stops along the way… down into Mexico… Central America… Panama… all the way down to Chile… into Argentine. Written by LR, shot by Stevo. Cinema verite.

Great idea! First thing we’ll do after Oprah becomes a fan of the ListeningLounge and we sell a million downloads…


  1. Boris

    What a great idea indeed! And I see as well a European road movie made this way, Luna Negra in town to make people spread the word, Ottmar taking his guitar to one of those Barock churches with such a fine acustics, playing cafes in Praha, sneaking into opera houses in Dresden and Salzburg, realxing Paris metro commuters, jamming with young and not so young guitar players in – yes – Spain, all ending maybe on Petersplatz in Rome with an impromptu gig for Ottmar’s then newest fan there…………

  2. marijose

    Maybe play incognito at a subway during rush hour and have a reporter write an article about it. Seems to be a good way to generate buzz around the world!

  3. Panj

    From Ottmar’s and Boris’s mouths to God’s Ears! ~smiling big~
    OOO to be younger and in my prime, where I could offer to schlep luggage. At least I can send my Well Wishes for all your Journey’s!!!

  4. Boris

    “to schlep luggage” – that made my day, Panj! And who knows?! Maybe it comes your way one day and you don’t need to do the schlepping thing!

  5. Anna

    Ottmar might have something there. When Oprah becomes a fan, logging into listening lounge will be almost impossible :-)


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