Saturday 07. April

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We had some warm Spring days and I was planning on biking across town to have lunch with Barrett today, but it was cold when I got up this morning and now it is snowing…


  1. Carol

    Snow is just not that much fun as it was. It’s still freezing here. I think it’s even too much for the tulips. The warmth of spring will be so welcome. Hhaving Easter egg hunts in winter coats and mittons just loses some of its charm. ah well. The bike will still be there, and you will still be welcome at your friend’s…though it may be after you get back from Europe

  2. Diran

    Happy Easter, Easter egg hunts would be interesting on snow.

  3. Gudrun

    Carol, we searched for the Easter egg under a blue and sunny bavarian sky, 65 °F! We all feel very comfortable with a cup of cappuccino in the garden which is covered with hyacinths and tulips.

    Ottmar, don’t forget your sunscreen, the springtime will go on!!!

  4. Gudrun

    I hope the warmth will reach you all at last and spring is in the offing!


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