pandora’s box – ca. 1996

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and this of course…

We are going to do a little re-design of our web site and I think we should add some of the old web pages somewhere because they are a little bit of our history.


  1. Carol

    It was wonderful I remember everything about it. I couldn’t understand at first the flamenco afficiandos who didn’t know it was you that was discussing flamenco and didn’t know you were putting it on your own site. And Buddha and the temple and many who wrote on the guest list like Panj who still does, and Alice from Hawaii , and me.

  2. Marie Soriano

    Ottmar, thanks so much for the old web pages. I laughed so hard reading them, it was very entertaining. For starters, I cracked up reading about Miles Davis, suits on the stage, and you not wanting to chat during performances. Funny that now you have done shows called Guitar + Talk.
    Second, the old web pages were awesome- they totally took me back to the days of “what do you mean online?” I remember waiting for 15 minutes to connect to AOL and the waiting 2.5 minutes for each page to load only to get knocked off because a call was coming in. LMAO!
    Wow! Great memories! Finally, I lost it reading about your 610,000+ Tetris score- I can’t wait to show that to Antonio. We have both played until our fingers were icy cold and numb and never got that high of a score. I’m so jealous ;) Those were the days- thanks for taking me back.


  3. Panj



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