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Chork 2
Looks more like a pair of tweezers than a fork or chopsticks. Food-tweezers. Maybe Twork? Foozers? They call it a patented eating utensil, but I think it may be a failed experiment. The beauty of chopsticks is that they can be adjusted to pick up small and large items without having to stab the food. In fact one should never stick them into food as that is bad manners. This chork has a limited width to pick up food and only two tines. I think it is worse that chopsticks or fork. Better to learn how to use chopsticks.

Studies have shown that using chopsticks can have some added benefits, such as improving memory and increasing manual dexterity.


  1. yumiko

    It is not only dangerous, but terrible table manners to walk around eating with your Twork.

  2. Jackie

    Ever thought about just using your hands?

  3. Carol

    Maybe good for dieters?

  4. Adam Solomon

    And I thought the spork was one step too far…

  5. dave

    Probably be good for removing toast & bagels from a toaster.

  6. marijose

    With blunt tips for safety, it would be a great tool for picky children to remove “icky” food items from their plates. Plus it’s fun to say Chork, Twork and Foozers. :)


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