Fujimori’s Architecture

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japan – fujimori’s architecture
First seen here.

“The Japanese tradition is in some ways mature,” says Fujimori, “but I’m interested in the period before this tradition became established. I believe that for humans all over the world the basic gesture was the hut, and this was the same everywhere before distinctive architectural styles emerged.”

It’s the original face of architecture, before architecture was born. I love this kind of structure. What would a Fujimori laptop look like?


  1. Carol

    What fun! It would be difficult to be stuffy or in a rut if you lived in a home like that. such freedom!

  2. laurie

    if my home climate changes, this is my house…

  3. Marie

    Just read a GREAT article about a couple who made a little house like this.
    See the shelter here: http://www.shelter-kit.com/unitone.html

    The article came from a great new publication called Domino Magazine and I must admit I began to dream when I read it :)

    Funny, I thought about you, Ottmar, before I got to the tiny shelter article I saw a write-up about the Eco Entrepreneur Graham Hill, and treehugger.com in the same issue.


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