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Hemp Facts – NMHemp.org
The ditch weed whose name dare not be spoken can now be talked about openly in polite society. Lawmakers in Santa Fe have acknowledged and declared that hemp is not marijuana. The idea of industrial hemp farming and production has been given the stamp of approval and can now be considered mainstream in New Mexico.

Great news. Is NM the first state to do this?


  1. Carol

    Wonderful. What an up and coming state. SD won’t for a long, long time I’m thinking….but I remember the huge old hemp rope that grandpa used to hoist a hayrack full of hay up in the barn..very sturdy indeed. We get pretty silly at times don’t we?

  2. Carlos

    There is also a New Mexico company called Vision Paper that uses the Kenaf plant, Hibiscus cannabinus , to make paper.
    This is from their site,”kenaf yields of 6 to 10 tons of dry fiber per acre per year are generally 3 to 5 times greater than the yield for Southern pine trees, which can take from 7 to 40 years to reach harvestable size.” visionpaper.com

    I have bought it and am happy with it. In addition to tree free, it is also chlorine free.

  3. ottmar

    Carlos – indeed! Our envelopes and letterhead are printed on Kenaf paper from Vision Paper. See THIS post from four years ago.


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