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What about the phenomena of personal public ashtrays – tin cans attached to lamp posts or fences I’ve seen around in Tokyo?
Perfect example! This is a form of Micro Public Space with a sense to maintain the place by individuals – a very good Japanese sense. Individuals put the ashtrays there, so that people don’t dump their cigarette buds on the streets. These ashtrays are public, to be used for everyone, but individuals take care of them.

The architects are discussing Private Public Space. When people lived above their store/workplace there was a certain amount of crossover between the public workspace – a potter’s store or studio for example – and their home. More about this from Momus here.

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  1. Will

    Suburban Sprawl killed this idea. Although it is making a comeback in many Suburban and Metro areas. After sitting hours and hours on a toll road or expressway America is getting tired of commuting. Although I like the romantic idea of urban living i.e. Paris or New York, give me a ranch in Wyoming any day.


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