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02007-03-01 | Guitar, Ottmar | 4 comments

From the March issue of Guitar World/Guitar One magazine:

…he’s taken his flamenco/world-music hybrid to a new, more introspective level here, with beautifully haunting six-string explorations that are, impressively, mostly improvised. And the Lieb doesn’t just show off his chops, which include walking intricate bass lines over tremolo picking, or ripping out blazing Spanish Phrygian scales. He’s got passion to go with the speed—and that’s what counts, dammit.
MOMENT OF TRUTH: “Night Traveling Raindrops: Nachtreisende Regentropfen” (1:30–2:52) Liebert’s phrasing gives space and evocativeness to the airy single-note melodies before he unleashes a cyclone of countermelodies and arpeggios.


You can find the album here and here and here and here and here.


  1. Carol

    They don’t just say things like that about everybody: )

  2. Adam Solomon

    Nice review! P.S. They were completely spot on about the album’s “moment of truth”.

  3. Boris

    Needless to mention that I fell in love with that tune form the first moment on. As with the whole “album” 1G anyway. While I enjoy all your music the deepest, I dare say it’s the shorter tunes that I dig the most. I never could have imagined that until I heard “Bluedreamdrops” for the first time. Those shorter tunes, they set a light in your imagination, in your dreaming, like a kick-starter, a sparkle, and the music goes on in your head, inside of you long time after the playing has finished…

  4. michael

    That is a great musician’s review, but for myself it’s simply your all encompassing music and depth of soul that is sent out through your guitar.


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