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Thursday morning thoughts: Climate Change and the Environment are not political issues. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can be trusted to do what needs to be done. A Democrat Congressman from Detroit is no more likely to call for changes that might affect the autoworkers that presumably voted for him than a Republican Congressman from a suburb where everyone drives an Escalade.

We need to push the issue until members of both parties feel that they have to act in order to get elected. We need both parties to compete on Environmental issues.

Do you have allergies?

Global warming’s impact on your garden. – By Constance Casey – Slate Magazine
Kudzu is creeping north, poison ivy is growing more toxic on its diet of extra carbon dioxide, and allergy season lasts longer.


  1. Carol

    Yes, we need a lot of good minds working to make it better.

  2. Will

    This is a problem and something I was getting at yesterday….

    1. Who is going to step up and be a viable leader for this movement?
    2. The majority of America is still ignorant and won’t do anything until something monumental happens i.e. smoking cigarettes and the frenzy America now has with smoking.

    So while I applaud the acts of Al Gore, I don’t think he can do it on his own and I don’t trust politicians because America isn’t taking this issue serious. This is truly one of the few times in life we can find the answer to a monumental crisis, because the people who care are few and far between. So put on your thinking caps, find the answers, and we might be surprised at what we can do for this movement.

  3. Carol

    well, there are individuals working together to create ethonol plants and starting wind towers on their land. I think if enough people care and do what they can, the govt. will follow. Am I a dreamer? likely…but I do think more and more care. They may not call themselves environmentalists, they jusut do what they can to be environmentalists..if you know what I mean…The quiet ones inventing better solar energy etc.

  4. Will

    Carol, I agree that many more people are going the “environmentalist” route and install solar shingles, wind towers, and buy ethanol gas. But there are limitations and environmental impacts to these alternatives as well. I am a firm believer that there is no progress without trial and error; you don’t get it right the first time out of the box. I think it is going to take something monumental to swing this train wreck around. I am not being pessimistic about this, only saying we have a lot more work to do. I am also pointing out the fact that you or I or anyone else for that matter could be at the forefront of this movement. We need to think bigger if there is to be a solution. Ferrari didn’t invent the combustion engine, only perfected it. Ok maybe that was a bad example. :) Thank you for the delightful discussion.


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