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Unpleasant indeed.
I mean that – don’t click on the link unless you are prepared to experience something unpleasant!

I can’t listen to the file, because it is painfully unpleasant. If you cannot hear the file you do not hear as well as most humans, period. This could have a genetic cause, but most likely you have been listening to music or noise at too high a volume. If you like to listen to music in your car, for example, you should know that it is very easy to turn music up too loud in that environment because you have to overcome the engine and wind noise. I strongly suggest that you:
1. go to an audiologist and do a hearing test – they play you different pitches over headphones and you have to react by pushing a button
2. you get hearing protection for when you go to a club, sit in an airplane, anytime you are around a lot of noise – check out this and this – I use the latter and love ’em!

You may not feel that this is a critical issue for you right now, but once you need hearing aids you will fee different. Nothing can truly bring your hearing back.

Please make an appointment with an audiologist right away.


  1. brolix

    Anti-ear-friendly and anti-dog-friendly

  2. ottmar

    I told you it was unpleasant!

  3. Carol

    And too high-pitched to bother me in the least. Take care of you ears.

  4. Steve

    When that first turned up people at work were playing it at a computer. Most couldn’t even hear it. It brought me out of my editing bay some 30 feet away. Yikes!

  5. Eno

    maybe it’s just me but I can’t hear anything after I click the link. Tried downloading it and playing it in wmp. Either the file won’t come through on my end or there is a level of hearing that my ears are foreign to… oy!

  6. ottmar

    Eric – I hope you are kidding. If not – you NEED to see an audiologist a.s.a.p.!

  7. Anna

    Ottmar, it didn’t play down my end. The only thing it did was kill my IE , after Quick Time came up….

  8. dave

    Reminds me of the very endof the Sgt Pepper cd.

  9. Cesco

    Jez, that hurts! I’m really happy to see, well… to hear, that my ears do their job properly.

  10. Carol

    Well, at least I could hear something, but I know my range is way down. I also know when my sons would have the music a bit loud it was the high notes that made my head hurt and I’d ask them to cut down the treble. When you ears feel it like that, it’s doing harm. Does the bass even bother one’s hearing? I don’t know.

  11. Anna

    Ottmar, it is very unpleasant!
    My not being able problem was solved by chaning my Quick Player settings.

  12. laurie

    i can just hear it but it is not unpleasant for me…
    i am quick to be concerned about my eyesight as I get older because it
    has been so important in my work (as hearing is for you perhaps?) but
    you remind me that my ears need attention too – thank you


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