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Boing Boing: Police blow up profanity-spewing CD players found in church
…police in Santa Fe, New Mexico blew up two CD players that had been taped under pews at the Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. The players were programmed to play sexually explicit language during Ash Wednesday mass.


  1. Mixalis

    Eventhough the Catholic Church has not kept up with the times, i.e.pre-marital relations, abortion, ect…This is no way to make a point! Purely Evil!

    As a Greek Orthodox Christian, I would be extremely hurt if something like this happened in my community.

    I pray for a future where everyone’s beliefs and traditions are accepted.

  2. ottmar

    I think calling it Pure Evil is going too far, Mixalis. Sending pedophile priests to New Mexico, something the church has done over and over, is pretty evil. Setting up CD players to spew obscenities doesn’t seem to be in the same category of evil to me.

  3. Mixalis


    I agree with you regarding the priests. We are very lucky in the greek church that priests are allowed to get married before they get ordained. I personally have never heard of any such behavior in the three communities I have lived in. But I am sad for my catholic friends who have lost faith because of the evil-doing by some priests in their communities.

    As for the cd player in church, let’s just say it was offensive!

    Be Well

  4. marijose

    I apologize for taking this topic off on a tangent. Marital status does not make one more or less predisposed to hurt children. This goes for spiritual leaders and everyone else. Psychiatrists diagnose pedophilia as a mental disorder.

    The CD player in church…I find it funny yet sad that, in this day and age, the way to deal with found unexpected objects is to blow them up, test them for anthrax, etc.


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