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02007-02-23 | Internet, Music | 4 comments

As expected, the people behind WeLove-Music simply re-uploaded the files to Rapidshare and the music is once again available for free download. See here, for example. I sent another email to RapidShare and also asked a friend at Blogger for advice. His suggestion was to complain to Google using this form. Note that I have to send a letter by snailmail or fax. And what will prevent the person to simply start a fresh new free Blogger account? Nothing.

Well, this took an interesting turn. In the afternoon I wrote to the email address on the Blogger profile and asked the person to stop giving away music that isn’t his/hers to give away. In the evening I received a reply with an apology and the promise that the files would be deleted. I just checked and they are gone.


  1. Carol

    Oh, they hadn’t realized there’s a REAL person that creates that music. That makes all the difference.

  2. Sharon

    Well the blogger lied cuz the files are back there and can be downloaded once more… Contact and maybe threaten legal action or contact the blogger company to have that blog shut down. This is sheer piracy and they need to be stopped.

  3. ottmar

    Sharon – Can you put a link in the comments? Because I can’t find any posts containing my music on WeLove-Music. Maybe you are seeing pages from your browser’s cache?

  4. shelina_p

    You know unless they are making money off of the music they put up, there is really nothing you can do, they will make new blogs and put them up for download again and again. You really don’t have a case at all, you can go ahead and waste your time getting them shut down, but it will solve nothing. And they can’t be sued UNLESS like I said they are actually charging money for doing all that.


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