One Guitar Remixed

02007-02-23 | Music | 5 comments

Andrews Gaskins took me up on this challenge:

I would love to hear somebody using my solo guitar recordings for remixes. Hm, maybe remixes that are NOT dance-mixes… remixes that don’t have a big beat… remixes that are more like collages…

He remixed three of the tracks from One Guitar. You can find out more about the artist on his own web site.


  1. stephen duros

    Really cool!

  2. Matt Callahan

    I was hoping for a Letting Go remix. The tracks are freshly loaded on my iPod and playing now.

  3. Shingy

    Absolutely stunning…this guy has done an incredible job at keeping the organic sound true. Exceedingly cool remix.

  4. Boris

    I dig this. Very cool. I wonder what Carlos Santana might say hearing the guitar in the Out of the blue Remix. At the end you find yourself listened to by people chilling out on an Ibiza beach early morning…


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