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Ghoonter comments:
I have often wanted to purchase music on LL for a friend or family member as a gift. Along with the “email-a-friend” idea, it would be nice to have the option to buy a gift for a friend, and then have the information sent to them via email so they can download… or maybe it would have to be a gift certificate code or something.

Funny you should mention that! I have been torturing Canton with that idea for a while: an option to buy a ListeningLounge gift for a friend, and the choice of emailing the gift-certificate code to the friend right away or printing out the information for old-fashioned “analog” gift-giving. Well, I am happy to let you know that Canton is working deep in the bowels of the LL and we should have this implemented sometime in March. Multiple gift-giving will also be possible, meaning that you can do all of your gift-shopping at once – this could be especially interesting to companies wanting to give music to their employees, or people with lots of friends… they would be able to enter multiple recipient’s email addresses – all very quick and painless.


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