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WeLove-Music is connected to a Flickr account and this morning I decided to write a note:

I see that you enjoy giving away the fruit of my labor. Is there something you create that I could give away? That only seems fair.
– ottmar

As you all know from reading this diary, I am very open about sharing my music. But, there is something so artless about the above person making albums, five of mine and many albums by other artists, available for free download. They are not compilations or collections of songs, just the entire album of music.


  1. dave

    Oh, isn’t that nice. Giving away something for free that is not yours to give.

  2. Andrew

    Wow, I hope the music labels don’t find out about this! Oops, I just accidentally emailed several of them! Oh well, too late now…

  3. Carol

    It really upsets me when people have no conscience at all and do so much just because they can. I like your note to them. of course, they will rationalize their operations some way and think you’re being picky to want what is yours. Well, there’s still a lot of us who wouldn’t accept hot records.

  4. Anna

    Ottmar, can you shut them down?

    Sadly some people never learn, the big “companies” that gave away music were all taken to court and shut down. What makes these people think they can get away with it?

  5. ottmar

    Not true. Take this for example. The site is huge and still operating. They sell most of my music at unbelievable prices and no artist or record company gets a cut of that. In addition to that you have ebay, where loads of pirated music is sold every day.
    Here is a quote from the BBC:

    Moscow prosecutors will not take legal action because Russian copyright laws do not cover digital media, according to news agency Tass.

    Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

  6. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, silly me…i thought maybe somethinge in the area of philanthropic…!? oh well…perchance to dreame…thankes for the educatione guyes…happy valentine’s…amore amigoeas

  7. Anna

    My appologies, I only know of the sites I hear about in the media. The few sites that were taken to court and ordered to be shut down.

    Sadly different copyright rules apply to different countries.

  8. Sharon

    The bloggers site now requires people to register to check it, seems that you stroke a cord there, seems that the person should be shut down permanently or file complaints directly to the blog´s company or maybe even contact other artists to make complaints as well. I am sure copyright rules must be a TOC for a blog

  9. Rami

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  10. fargose

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