IPod Will Be the New CD

02007-02-06 | Music, Technology | 4 comments

Wired News: IPod Will Be the New CD
These cheap album iPods could be sold at bus stations and airports: instant music, no computer required. Bands could sell pre-loaded iPods at concerts, maybe containing the concert they just played. There could be Broadway show iPods, movie soundtrack iPods and iPods burned at retail stores with custom play lists.


  1. laurie

    hmmm – sounds like more manufacturing and the resulting environmental issues
    surrounding “more” and “cheap” as we know it… i like Apple a lot but I will be REALLY impressed when they begin to use a more “cradle to cradle” approach to the life of their products…

    that aside, will there be an ottmar-ipod? (smile)

  2. anna

    If not an Ottmar-iPod, I would love to hear a complete recording of his summer tour.

    Is there a chance of another live CD? :-)

  3. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, same here…is more better…!? i have been an environmentale conservative for such a long time i am swayinge on the fence nowe…is the bear cominge out of hibernatione or on the brinke…!? i am enjoyinge the idea of zazen…siesta…restinge…listeninge and lookinge…alwayes amore y paz, llindaskaye e.p. *******ps thankyou for the videos on your website…i am enjoyinge them very much…amore amiogoeas *******


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