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Technology Review: Toxic Man?
In the article, I reported the results of tests run to see if my body contained any of 320 environmental chemicals that I might have picked up from food, drink, the air I breathe, and the products that touch my skin. This was my own secret stash of compounds acquired merely by living.
(Via Beyond the Beyond)


  1. James

    Thanks for linking to that article. I have often wondered what are the amounts of chemicals one assimilates, even if eating organically grown food, living in a “green” building etc. It’s information not easy to come by, and I’m convinced that there are powerful organizations working to keep it quiet.

  2. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, here is a poem i wrote many years ago…Evergreens and Midnight blue…from moment to moment an Everchanginge view…i spent many years as an invalid lookinge out my windowes and this came to me…i can walk nowe and am playinge my guitar…somethinge so nice…brushminde and dancinge on the stringes…thankyou so much for sharinge with us…your fans…alwayes amore y paz, llindaskaye e.p. *******ps i hope to take belly dancinge lessons also soone the great spirit allowinge…global warminge is indeed frighteninge to we the everdaye layman…amore amiogoeas *******


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