Nomad Clinics

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Nomad Clinics
A short film by Sara Nesson about the Nomad Clinics and our journey to Kham/Tibet last October.


  1. Jacqueline

    Borrowing theese words

    Doctors , masons, ordinary men, and engineers,like pioneers
    who made foundations , from walls. Voussoirs and pavements , little mud huts, Pillars and bases , tablements.
    Doctors, shcolars, layWo/men, that each shares in the labour
    According to their crafts.
    The Worlds of vision , the mission , we can only wish!

    In sharing realities , some can not even phantom!

    Like the light that appears , when you share whats so dear to your Heart!

    Blessings on the Wind…..Jackie

  2. Carol

    Healers of bodies and spirit can do so much. I know when the National Guard went to Venezuala and my son was one of the dctors, it was incedible the need as well as the appreciatiion shown. Let’s us pray that some day soon, the National Guard will only be needed in cases like that.
    Very nice film. It was good to see the rapt children around you as you played incorporated into the rest of the film. The music wasn’t bad either.

  3. dave

    Wonderful film … wonderful project.

  4. Anna

    Ottmar, thank you for posting and for bringing awareness.

  5. Anna

    Recently I went to a slide show on Tibet and Himalayas. The speaker was telling us how during the trekking period through that region he participated in the community project. They spent 4-5 days in one small community, in that time they built a school, after that they continued trekking…


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