Guess This Noise #4

02007-02-01 | Recording | 30 comments

Right on the heels of Guess This Noise #3 comes this sound…

Click HERE for the answer.


  1. michael

    could it be one of those gourd shakers with a net of shells or beads wrapped around the outside? wrong I’m sure. it is something new and creative, right?

  2. Matt Callahan

    Popcorn kernels through a funnel. A lot of popcorn kernels.

  3. Canton

    Long, drawn-out ayurvedic nose cleansing with warm water, for sure.

  4. Eno

    sounds like your little dancing insect machine from the first round on top of popping oil.

  5. Robin

    I think you are in the kitchen, frying something!

  6. ottmar

    Michael – shikare, great instrument. Dave is a master and you will hear it on the next album…. but no, that’s not it…
    Canton is right – it is not solid!
    Adam – please! I won’t repeat the same idea
    Everybody is 0 for 4 now! What am I winning?

  7. laurie

    a noise fix – thank you

    i think I am hearing a combination of things – a shower of water and/or a pouring of beans (a sound of thngs with a downward motion) and then somewhere in the midst of it my mind turns it around and I hear something that sounds like frying (an upward moving sound?) – funny… and weird…

  8. Steve

    It sounds like a rain stick, but I’m sure that’s too obvious. Maybe sleet bouncing off your window.

  9. yumiko

    hmmmm…not solid, but here is C’s guess: coffee grinder.

  10. ottmar

    Rainstick – good guess, but yes, too obvious.
    Another hint: it’s liquid and it has to do with my birthday…

  11. Carol

    frying or sauteing something. No it would keep it up I guess.

  12. Natalia

    Before the hint: little “maracas” rolling down.
    After the hint: some kind of waterfall? (I’m only using the liquid part of the hint).

  13. Luz

    A very good way to celebrate a birthday! Feliz Cumpleanos.

  14. Marla

    Champagne bubbles!!

  15. laurie


  16. ottmar

    Marla and Laurie – I am disappointed! You are cheaters and checked the Flickr site. No points for you.

  17. laurie

    ottmar – i am disappointed that you called me a cheater… i did not check Flikr. no points for you either!

  18. ottmar

    Laurie – I am going to take your word for it and apologize. The photo with the answer had 10 views within a minute of publishing it and at the same the two correct guesses arrived… made me wonder as you can imagine… Anyway, we’ll have to wait to find out what Marla says. She guessed champagne first.

  19. Marla

    Have not been on Flickr today, and I knew it was champagne even before I hit the comment button (having just had my own birthday champagne experience). Didn’t even read the other comments or your hint until after I guessed. I got this one fair and square! :-)

  20. laurie

    i am in this for the fun – points do not matter – no offense taken, just don’t want to be called a cheater unless it is in fact true and was done consciously…

    in my first guess (are there rules about more than one guess?) i had said it was a downward sound and an upward sound – champagne certainly has those qualities! – i especially like the downward sound of drinking it!

    many thanks for this game… simple pleasures

  21. ottmar

    Marla – you are our first winner and I’ll think of what it is you won – I’ll get back to you.

  22. laurie

    i didn’t mean that to sound like I had already guessed it before – yes marla did guess it first, of course! Bravo, Marla!

    and I will have to have some champagne too in a few days – my birthday coming up on the 15th – i think i was born the same year as you Ottmar…

    great game!

  23. Eno

    Champagne! I thought maybe rain or something but the sound was too light for that.

    Great stuff! This game is like an audio tape of the Illusionist. I love it!

    Happy Birthday,

  24. Luz

    Hmmm, I think it’s time to open a bottle of bubbly this weekend. No birthday but a nice bottle of bubbly would do the body good! ;-)

  25. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, at first, i thought bellydancer then thought it was a liquid or beads of some kinde flowinge…champagne…very nice and happy birthdaye…we have the monthly art walk in town tonight after happy hour…intereste seems to growinge and we are pretty excited about it…goode to have goode friendes for sure…alwayes amore y paz, llindaskaye e.p. *******ps if i am able to play guitar only slightly as well as you i will be a happy human being…somethinge so nice…thankyou…amore *******

  26. Anna

    Ottmar, Happy Birthday again.

    Luz a nice bottle of bubbly sounds like a great idea. I might have to open one if my computer upgrade/fix will go ok, without any problems.

  27. Jackie Dassler

    I agree; this is great fun! I look forward to the next round.

    The next time I enjoy a glass a champagne I will take a few minutes to enjoy that wonderful “bubbly” sound. Happy birthday Ottmar and also to Laurie & Marla!

  28. marijose

    What a “spirited” discussion… :) a very Happy Birthday!

  29. vic

    I think it maybe sounds like bacon cooking?


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