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02007-01-29 | Music | 12 comments

Please ignore the strange artifacts in the very beginning of this YouTube video. I uploaded the video three times, but the artifacts keep coming up. Anyway, I worked on this slideshow on the bus last week. Used Keynote to arrange the photos and exported the result to Quicktime. The music I used for this little test is “This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies”, but I plan to write and record new music. I imagine the whole slideshow would be about 45-60 minutes in length.


  1. Mixalis

    Fantastic! The landscape is amazing. The music is so right.

  2. mario


  3. Anna

    Ottmar, beautiful images and I love “This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies” . I loved it from the first time I heard it in Listening Lounge.

  4. brolix

    amazing…the music and the images create landscapes within landscapes

  5. Bret Jenkins

    Nice photographs! You have an a musical eye as well as a musical ear.

  6. Jacqueline

    One man , one Guitar, O Vision! Brilliant!

  7. Gudrun

    Ottmar, it is absolutely perfect!! The composition “music to pictures” shows a wonderful outcome. It’s so harmonic. I like the strong guitar part from “This Spring Release” – and you show these wooden beams over the water, hu!

    Perhaps you will build in an effect or a picture for a little smile (schmunzeln). I mean not a joke, only a little lovely smile. You understand me?

    When I saw this video the first time, at the end the mindfulness bell rang. What a random.

  8. Jill

    Now, THAT is cool. I’m going to watch it again. Thanks.

  9. rein

    Beautiful song, my mom got teary the first 3,000 times she listened to it in the car. :)

    What a wonderful video, thanks :)

  10. laurie

    i am struck by how the land at first is vast and intimidating and then within your images the delicateness and beauty of it come in – the music has some of those same qualities. (i do not know your experience from this trip but i feel sure you already have music coming forth that will be even more connected to your images and yor time there)

    the light, the color…so many feelings come up – beautiful

    thanks for the glimpse inside the process…


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