Crockett on Wednesday

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Tonight we performed in Crockett, Houston County, Texas. Jon’ s new Saz solo on Snakecharmer was happening, as opposed to last night in Dallas, when it was not happening – last night no sound came out at all! Today we discovered that the cable connecting the Saz to the soundsystem was bad, broken, kaputt! Switched cables and tonight he rocked out on the saz. It’s an electric Saz that Robbie Rothschild’s brother Char lent us for the week.

Took my new Brompton bike for a spin in Dallas yesterday. Rode to the post office to mail a couple of letters. The bike folds up in a couple of minutes – and it should only take 20 seconds once I remember the sequence correctly. Much better ride than the iXi bike I had before.


  1. pauline lee

    We were at the concert in Crockett last night and enjoyed the program so much. I have had your recordings before and love the music and was so pleased to get to hear your music in person.
    Each and everyone of you are such great musicians.
    As a by the way, my mother came from Koln too and I ome from England. I was pleased at the reception you received in Crockett and right now I am listening to your music from Musicmatch. Great!
    Please come back to Crockett again.

  2. Leslie R.

    We were at the Paramount in Austin last night, and boy am I glad! Wonderful, wonderful! I couldn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t quit hearing you all in my head. Thank you!

  3. Carol

    Will we get to hear Jon’s rendition of Snake Charmer ?
    Will we get to see a photo of your new bike?

  4. Luz

    Ditto on what Carol said! I sure hated to miss seeing the shows in Crockett or Austin since Houston wasn’t on the tour this time but work and time just didn’t allow.

  5. Barbara

    Check out my friend’s (an Austin sculptor) website. A small token of our gratitude for an inspiring show. Thank you for a beautiful evening.

  6. Diran

    Looking forward to hear saz on Snakecharmer,When you guys in LosAngeles.Were you planing to add saz to other songs?


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