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02007-01-22 | Interview | 19 comments

Democrat & Chronicle: Living
Great interview with Rahim. Please read. Just found it as we are rolling towards Dallas. My laptop is hooked up to something on top of the bus.


  1. Curt

    Hey! That’s my hometown newspaper! Jeff Spevak did an interview with MY band – quite some years ago…

  2. dave

    Great article!

  3. Jill

    Yes. Great interview. Thank you for posting it.

  4. ottmar

    Thank you for reading it. Breaks my heart, what has happened to Iraq. I hope many people get to hear Rahim and find out about that side of Iraq – wonderful, creative people who are now, and for many decades to come, without a home.
    And I had to smile about the “Experimental Flamenco Guitarist”…

  5. laurie

    many thanks for passing this on – i will do the same… the losses are
    unimaginable and profound… music has a beautiful way of bridging cultures and
    creating common ground

    looking forward to hearing your collaboration – well worth any waiting

    hmmm…those lucky people in Texas – enjoy yourself and travel safely!

  6. Adam Solomon

    Do you think the problem of giving your music a genre would end if you called it “Experimental flamenco”? :D

  7. marijose

    I don’t think a newspaper article has ever moved me to tears, but this one sure did. Thanks for sharing it.

    Is that a new genre then, experimental flamenco guitarist? :)

  8. Luz

    Just yesterday there was a report about exotic travel abroad–even to Iraq. They were emphazing that there IS another side to Iraq besides what is shown to the public. Very nice interview and someday I would love to experience Rahiim’s music live.

  9. Carol

    I read it and the tears came. It makes it all close and personal not a movie on the TV News. Not the first time I’ve wept about the individuals who’s lives are every day torn apart because of that upheaval. After I read it, I Googled his name and found so much about him and his genius.
    Okay, you’re not going to agree, but I believe God brought you two together…and we are all the beneficiaries. Thank you , God.

  10. vic

    so much brokeness and waste becase of mans pride, its so sad, a team of MD’s that I work with just came back this week and shared how much distruction is there. Karl Benzio said take Katrina and muliply it by 10 and you dont even get close to the distruction and despair of the people. I hope to go there some time soon and help. The team is plaing on going back to help with greff, trama, and loss.

  11. MarkC

    Interesting article, I’m sure once the situation in Iraq is sorted out Rahim AlHaj will be there to help them celebrate !

  12. yumiko

    Not your average interview, is it? Big, big picture. Incredible what the human soul has to experience at the hands of another.

    Now, that laptop hook-up sounds pretty, “experimental”!

  13. Anna

    Ottmar, great article, thank you for posting.

  14. Falla

    Thank you for that!

    it’s really kind of sad that the media is so one sided most of the time.
    there is so much more to this world that should be seen, heard and experienced.

    “experimental flamenco guitarist”…………i love that!!…….
    time for me to go “experiment” with my flamenco guitar…lol…..

  15. Falla

    Very moving article !

    Thanks for sharing it !

  16. Jacqueline

    Once again minds of musicians prevail, not the holy grail!

    Life is grande, when we share helping hands!


  17. Carol

    I just have to add that you will forever be experimenting…doing new things with flamenco with all your music. Experimenting with life and learning and growing. I kinda like that term….

  18. laurie

    Main Entry: ex·per·i·men·tal
    Pronunciation: ik-“sper-&-‘men-t&l also -“spir-
    Function: adjective
    1 : of, relating to, or based on experience or experiment
    2 a : serving the ends of or used as a means of experimentation b : relating to or having the characteristics of experiment : TENTATIVE

    (ottmar, i’m not sure i agree with the TENTATIVE part in your case….)

    from http://m-w.com/
    and also see http://m-w.com/dictionary/experience

    another good word to consider might be “experiential”…


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