Tuesday Morning

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0ºF this morning. Santa Fe could afford to pass on a few degrees of coldness to this place, which seems to be warming up rapidly.

I am still working on my Tibet photos, now down to 1,500 from 1,950.

Found this yesterday:

these cups were designed in 1969, especially for blind people, to help them tactically distinguish one from another.

LINK to main page. I can imagine a little game between friends… fill with liquids, some tasty, some awful, blindfold guests who have to remember the shape of cup…

Oh, and check out what Exxon has to say:

Heavens to Betsy! Is Exxon lightening up on climate denial? | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
Exxon says important questions remain about the degree to which fossil-fuel emissions are contributing to global warming. But “the modeling has gotten better” analyzing the probabilities of how rising greenhouse-gas emissions will affect global temperatures, Mr. Cohen said. Exxon continues to stress the modeling is imperfect; it is “helpful to an analysis, but it’s not a predictor,” he said. But he added, “we know enough now – or, society knows enough now – that the risk is serious and action should be taken.”

Whoa, that’s amazing: …the risk is serious and action should be taken. And with those words the sun is breaking through the clouds and lighting up the Santa Fe landscape.


  1. laurie

    wow – from santa fe to tibet to mori cups to exxon’s about face and back to santa fe… is there a common thread there? :-)

    yes, i imagine it could be quite a process to go through all your images from Tibet and be re-living your time there as you do it…can you say anything about how you are going about organizing them? …the images you have shared have been outstanding and so full of life – many thanks… laurie

  2. Carol

    Another game to play with food and blindfolds that Mom did with us is have us close our noses also and give us a taste of something. It’s surprising how much we depend on smell and sight. We said acky about some of our favorite foods. For sure one must trust the tester in this case.


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