Air Purifiers make air worse

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Report: Sharper Image purifiers actually make air worse – Engadget
We wouldn’t want to be in customer support at The Sharper Image these days. With the company’s lawsuit against Consumer Reports thrown out by the courts, the purveyor of overpriced and uninspired gear now faces new charges related to the same product that led to the suit in the first place: its Ionic Breeze air purifiers. And this time, it’s not just that the Breeze doesn’t work, as CR charged in 2003. The magazine’s latest study charges that the units actually make air quality worse, by releasing excess ozone into the air — something that can cause serious respiratory problems, especially for asthmatics or other people with breathing concerns (who, not incidentally, are among the biggest purchasers of air purifiers).


  1. Carol

    Strange situation. They seem to have a lot of products but that is the only one they advertise and for quite a price. I wondered if they’d stop putting all their eggs in one basket after that first announcement.

  2. Carol

    And now I get “Spam” from them that advertises everything else except their air purifier. Haven’t seen it on TV lately either.


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