Guess this Noise #2

02007-01-01 | Sound | 9 comments

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  1. Ruth

    Sounds like eine Zeichentrickmärchenglitzershow. What a fabulous language!

    Or maybe a metronome with the sound of a chimp rhythmically ringing a chime.

  2. Carol

    Tibetan horse bells and the sound of wheels of the cart he’s pulling. See, I’m never afraid to be wrong : )

  3. stephen duros

    A toy train with a bell attached that rings as it goes down the tracks

  4. Jackie Dassler

    It reminds me of a holiday memory of the little angles that strike the bells which are propelled by the heat of the candles below them…

  5. Jackie Dassler

    Just saw the photo on flickr…..!!!! Thank you for re-connecting me to that wonderful memory.

  6. Carol

    It would be interesting to follow up with the sounds of all the guesses wouldn’t it….

  7. laurie

    oh! my first thought was just that but thought – no, that can’t be – after I saw how obscure the previous “guess this sound” was… but I should have trusted my first reaction…. how lovely – have one from sweden – many thanks, love this game…

  8. Canton

    I’ve been really enjoying this sound site lately, speaking of sounds:

    This community is absolutely *fanatical* about recording sounds. Everything’s creative commons licensed, and they’re using some fancy-pants algorithmic analysis so that you can search for sonically “similar” sounds.

  9. Babz

    Chimes on a clock.


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