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This really needs to be seen large. I am migrating my photos to Aperture and came across this photo. Awe-inspiring, those mountains… There is a bit of a learning curve after having used iPhoto for years, but I do like Aperture a lot.


  1. Adam Solomon

    The large size still isn’t nearly enough, unless you’ve got a particularly large monitor, but the imagination fills in the holes :) Stunning, I imagine!

  2. Steve

    I’m interested: what type of digital camera do you have? …

  3. ottmar

    Steve –
    Details – don’t know whether you can follow that link if you are not a member of Flickr. In any case, that particular photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot SD700 IS, but I also had a Canon S70 with me.

  4. tom jakubowski

    The horse and the valley need a bit more definition/brightening to offset the peaks. Doing that will take your wonderful photo from remarkable to eye-popping astonishment – if you believe that such an alteration is legitimate.

    I only wish that I could travel to such places and have insight similar to yours.

    Your music and interpretation is really great – am listening to “Snakecharmer” as it write.


  5. Steve

    Is the Canon PowerShot SD700 IS or the Canon S70 your primary camera…? This is more than idle curiosity … I am (not so) surreptitiously seeking advice on hardware…


  6. ottmar

    Steve –
    I like the S70 better than the newer S80, because it supports shooting RAW files as well as JPEGs while the S80 only shoots JPEGs. The SD700 is wonderfully small and I can carry it with me at all times. There is a new SD900, which is the same size as the SD700, but shoots 10 mega pixels and the sensitivity goes all the way up to 1600ASA. I like Canon cameras for several reasons. Canon has a lot of experience with optics and lenses. Canon also keeps refining the user experience – with every new camera the buttons and layout are improved.

  7. steve

    Many Thanks! Highly Appreciated!

  8. laurie

    another camera question – I hope you don’t mind…

    I am trying to decide between a carry in my pocket point and shoot and an SLR. I could actually see myself having uses for both but can’t really justify it. I like the idea of keeping things simple and being able to always have a camera with me… I used a Canon AE-1 for many years while in art school and after. Now feeling the bug again, I am wondering which way to go. Am looking at the new Leica… I know they make great lenses but wonder if I am just paying for the name. I am stuck – I really just want to get back to taking the photos!

    thanks for your previous comment – I loved the magic of the darkroom when I was in art school but I agree the chemicals were pretty intolerable.

    enjoy your snow – the little we had has turned to slush thanks to the rising temperatures and rain… still, it creates many interesting and lovely images.
    But, it just doesn’t feel right…

  9. laurie

    oops! – forgot to tell you that I love this photo! where was it taken? With all your picture taking do you ever feel like you are not part of the experience of wherever you are… or does it enhance it?


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