Brother David Steindl-Rast

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To counteract the countdown of this season – so many days until Christmas, so many days left of this year – i decided to count up. High up. A billion struck my fancy for this year’s Christmas meditation. This gave me a surprising perspective: we are closer than i thought to that historic “Silent Night” of Bethlehem, yet, farther away than i realized from “Peace on earth”— or maybe not; it depends.

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  1. dave

    Profound message. I’m going to load his IN talks onto my ipod to listen to again. I hope everyone who reads this will light a candle at

  2. vikki in bama

    Beautiful! I am excited to read about another kindred peace-maker. I am familiar w/ Nouwen and Merton. I think you might also enjoy Dorothy Day is you havent discovered her yet. She is a founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, of which I am losely affiliated. Simplicity and peace are the foundation. Very nice. Thanks for sharing about this. :) Happy Holidays. Enjoy your snow… and I will enjoy my 65 degrees sunshine!


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