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Diran Says:
I was looking for one of your CD (Christmas & Santa Fe) in big brand stores, as a Christmas gift . I could not find it. I mean they can order it but they don’t carry it. If i order it, will be late for gift purpose. Is there any reason not to carry in stores this CD?

Hopefully the reason is that they already sold all of the copies they received for the season! I checked They have stock of Christmas + Santa Fe, they sell it for under 10 bucks and they can send it to you in time for Christmas. You could also gift that CD on iTunes. Just search for “ottmar christmas santa fe”. Unfortunately iTunes sells the music on that particular album only as individual tracks.


  1. Carol

    All of your Christmas CD’s make the season just what it should be. They bring such a good feeling. Thank you, Ottmar.

  2. marijose

    If you live near a Borders store, you can search the store inventory of one or several stores online. Go to to choose one or more stores, and then click on the link to search their inventories.

  3. Carol

    And “One Guitar” along with them. I hope everyone will write a comment on Amazon.

  4. Diran

    Hi marijose,
    Thanks for the advise ,I checked Borders already the one near me.(They don’t have it)
    I ordered it online.Merrry Christmas & Happy Ne Year.

  5. Luz

    I was Borders on Sunday and picked up Winter Rose for a gift of which I was surprised to find. They did have a few Christmas+Santa Fe CDs too. This year, Poets & Angels is on high rotation as well. I’m especially enjoying the five original compositions. So far I’ve only listened to all of your 3 Christmas cd’s as the others sit and collect dust.


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