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Wired Blog: 27B Stroke 6
A Wired Blog used a photo from my Flickr for a story on the MPAA and Pre-texting. My use of a CC-license allows them to do that, of course. It would sure be interesting to find out how they settled on that particular photo of a percussionist in a cafe in Newcastle, Australia, for a story on the MPAA and California lawmakers. It does seem to fit. Did the author do a global tag search in Flickr? Did somebody happen to notice the photo while browsing? Dave looks great in that photo. Maybe he should be in movies.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Davo! That picture brought a smile to my face. I wonder why that particular photo for that particular story, though…

  2. yumiko

    …or stage.

  3. ottmar

    Adam, leave the pointer on the photo of the Wired Blog. They have a note there that suggests why they picked the pic.

  4. Ryan Singel

    Ottmar –

    Thanks for licensing that photo. I searched using the terms 14 and number, IIRC.

    There were other 14s, but I liked your photo the best.

    Thanks again and hopefully I’ll have a chance to plunder your images in the future.


  5. ottmar

    Ryan –

    Plunder away! I love seeing them get used.

    – ottmar

  6. Anna


    The note that appears when your mouse is placed over the pic is an alt tag. ALT tags are a *must* on all websites. The tags allow visually impared people to read the websites.


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