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Photo by Salma

Salma comments:
The show at Birchmere on 5th December was a harmonious blend of beautiful melodies with lovely pictures taken by Ottmar to transport the audience to a peaceful dream world. It was good to see him connect directly with the audience in the question answer sessions.

Maggie writes:
I expected incredible music but the imagery was mesmerizing as well. Your sense of light and contrast, the mix of vast horizons, microcosms of dew drops and urban architecture are stunning. The beauty you find in what is all around us if one awakes to it. Thank you for the reminder to open my eyes.

Thank you for those nice comments. These photos don’t represent a dream world to me, meaning they are not an escape, although they may make members of the audience dream. This is the world as I experience it, as I see it. The de-laminated tire from a truckstop contrasts with the vast sky of Tibet, the close-up of a waterdrop that has collected under a rusty pipe contrasts with the Aspens above Santa Fe. To me, they are all part of this world equally.

It will take me a while, but I will create a Flickr slideshow of all the photos I am projecting – the problem is that it won’t be random and so part of the charm is lost…

I am happy that I have found a new way to share the photos. I have had a wonderful time and enjoyed the past two weeks very much. Thank you and everyone who came to the shows.


  1. Boris

    A flickr slideshow of the photos you are projecting is a wonderful thing for the unconsoled not having been able to attend one of the shows!

  2. salma

    On account of our busy life styles most of us fail to observe the beauty which surrounds us everyday. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Ottmar, a true artist like you can see ordinary things from a new angle and present it to others from a different point of view. When this artwork is observed by other people it creates dreams in their minds which they would like to fulfill one day. While connecting to your music and observing the pictures they feel that they have found their dream world for that moment. It’s a very enriching experience to travel with you and see through your eyes and listen to the creations of your mind. Hope this will make sense. It’s the best way I can modify the comment made by me.

  3. ottmar

    Thank you Salma. Well, I certainly dream of creating that sort of experience for people.


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