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02006-12-11 | Santa Fe, Touring, Travel | 4 comments

My Prius’ auxiliary battery was dead on arrival last night – after two weeks in an airport parking lot. Tried to read the manual by the light of a streetlamp, but gave up – too cold and too dark, and I was too tired after traveling Maine-Newark-Houston-Albuquerque. Called a limo service and had a towncar drive me home. Will have to drive back and jump-start the car tomorrow. Meanwhile the snowflakes are dancing in the air around my house this beautiful morning.


  1. Carol

    I’m sorry. That was not a good feeling to hear nothing when you turned the key. I hope you didn’t spend more than a moment or two choosing an alternative way HOME. I know what home means to you.
    We have everything frosted white this morning. Lovely.

  2. laurie

    Sorry to hear about your car at the airport… almost home too – makes the finally getting there even sweeter perhaps. Many, many, thanks for a lovely evening at the Camden Opera House in Maine. I was front and center and was totally transported. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to listen to you in person and to see your photographs as part of the experience. Blessed with the gift of music, you are equally blessed with an eye for beauty. Of course, I thought of a hundred questions I would have loved to ask. Would have been great to hear a story about Tibet. I will not be too shy to ask next time. Hope to see you up this way again. Oh yea, I was not surprised to see the socks appear in the second set – it was cold in there! Welcome home and have a fun and relaxing holiday season.

  3. Boris

    Dancing snowflakes – what a beautiful image. More: around an adobe style house in Santa Fe … And even more: with a music monk sitting inside watching outside playing some tunes.

  4. salma

    I am glad you are back home safe. Sorry to hear about the problem with Prius. I thought all the Priuses are automatically covered by the road hazard policy for 3 years?
    Your description of dancing snow flakes creates a beautiful image in the mind. Thanks for sharing the beauty.


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