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The Birchmere was a lot of fun last night. I decided to add a couple of photos from the Sellersville stage to the slideshow in a self-referrential post-modern sort of move: projecting a photo of a stage with a photo projection… Salma was there and took some photos. During a Q&A section a Frenchman asked me whether I have ever played in France and said France would love you! I would love to perform in France, I answered. If you know somebody, have them call my agent!

Today we are in Ridgefield, Connecticut, for the first time. The Ridgefield Playhouse. Sold out. Nice.
Ridgefield Playhouse
A local radio station gave out six free tickets instead of two and there was no place for the additional four winners to sit. We arranged for them to experience the concert sitting on chairs stage-right – in between the curtains. Interesting new perspective, but how did it sound, I wonder? After sound and video check we had an early dinner at Luc’s Cafe and Restaurant.
Luc's Citroen Mini Truck - 2
Check out the old Citroen convertible mini-pickup-truck parked in front of the restaurant – complete with a case of French red wine in the back…

I was back at the venue a couple of hours before showtime and worked on the slideshow for a little while before warming up on the guitar. Lots of fur in (on?) the audience tonight. Reminded me of the San Remo Festival in February of 1999, where I went to perform with Leda Battisti. I can’t believe people still wear fur.

During the evening a woman asked whether I had changed spiritually over the years. I answered that I thought it was a silly question (if you should read this: I apologize for calling the question silly – questions are not silly) because I always change and continue to change. I’ll stop changing when I am dead – until then I am a work in progress. Reflecting on this now, while sitting in the backlounge of the bus, I think that I won’t stop changing when I am dead. My body will slowly decompose and the memory people have of me will change over time… There is no end, no result – only change.

I had some nice improv-moments with the guitar tonight. The last two nights I have tried to stretch some of the music in different ways.

Nice review of Leonard Cohen by Pico Iyer in the January issue of Shambhala Sun.

SSRI News:
Transit2 and Thira will become available from iTunes the week after next. One Guitar has been available there for a little while.


  1. Heather

    You know, Ottmar, I think there are people who don’t change, or at least don’t change much over their lifetimes. Those are the people who are intolerant for they cannot see the world from any other viewpoint but their own and since it doesn’t change much they cannot understand. For me, like you, change is a constant. How can one go through life and experience all that they do and not absorb at least a fragment of all that touches you. The best conversations are those where everyone throws out their ideas & from those you pull back bits and pieces of your own opinion and everyone elses and form a new understanding of the issue.

  2. Carol

    Well said, Heather. some people get so afraid of change that they sink lower and lower ‘protected’ only by their dogma. You can’t stay still you either grow or wither. I look forward to the changes in my body and my mind. And friends like Ottmar and my flickr friends help me see beyond my limited scope.

  3. Silvana

    I was the “Silly” question asker – and you did not hear the first word of the question – which was HOW have you changed over the past years – you seemed (to my husband and I since we had last seen you) to be on a different plain – ethereal – calm- almost a God-Like peace about you. To be honest, it was a little embarrassing to be told that your question was silly – especially when you didn’t hear the whole question. I now know that you are Buddhist – which explains the beauty, calm and serenity we saw in you.

  4. ottmar

    Silvana –
    Well, I hope you accepted my apologies.
    Still, it would be impossible for me to come up with a good answer to your question. Such things are best observed by others.
    – ottmar

  5. Silvana

    Of course, apologies accepted – those of us who have followed you over many years have observed – hence the question – but I can understand that it would be very difficult to answer. I am a believer that our “talents” are gifts from God – you surpass that. To hear – see you play is mystical – magical – it was an incredible experience and a true blessing to be able to be a part of the audience that evening. I thank you for sharing your photos as well. You have an amazing eye and your ability to capture life is just another one of those talents.
    Thank you for taking the time to apologize – Wishing you all the best for the season and always

  6. ottmar

    Silvana –
    Many thanks for your kind words.


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